About Trophy Truffles

Trophy Truffles 

Please note; Trophy Truffles are made per order which means they are not made until you order them. This is why the orders take 24 to 48 business hours to hand craft and ship. We want you to enjoy the freshest, highest quality standards of True Trophy Truffles.


Trophy Truffles are an extra large, 2 bite truffles, in unique flavours which started as a dream of bringing together two things I love; Connecting businesses and creating unique products. We call this “cross pollination”. And really, what could be better than connecting chocolate truffles, creamy and smooth, and unique businesses to create a new exciting product and flavours people will enjoy and love. Then adding a very unique touch with 24K edible Gold and Silver to elevate the overall experience makes Trophy Truffles like no other. It sets us apart from other chocolates. They are unique and they are an indulgence!

Not to mention the health benefits; Dark Chocolate specifically, releases the “feel good” endorphins and reduces depression. Website; https://healthprep.com/fitness-nutrition/health-benefits-of-dark-chocolate/?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=search&utm_campaign=267609895&utm_content=1269936192197097&utm_term=chocolates&msclkid=07c42ede01e6103cbe957541140c340d,

The dream became a reality when I found a famous Master Chocolatier who saw my vision. The Collaboration made sense and was easy.  24k Edible Gold/Silver Belgian Chocolate Truffles in many delectable and unique flavours. 

Since starting, Trophy Truffles has cross pollinated with many other businesses to create the most unique and exotic flavours such as: Mission Hills Winery’s’ 2016 Vidal Ice wine truffle, Volcanic Hills Winery’s Ice Wine Chardonnay Truffle, Gray Monk Winery’s Odyssey 3 (port) truffle, and Quail’s Gate Winery’s Fortified Vintage Foch truffle. More coming soon..

Quality is everything and knowing how the truffles are made and what goes into them is important therefore teaming up with the Master Chocolatier ensured the truffles are Hand- CraftedHome Made, Belgian Chocolates, made by a Master Chocolatier with over 22 years of experience is extremely important to me and to my clients, YOU. She has extensive training from Las Vegas with award winning flavours.

It is important to Trophy Truffles that the truffles are all hand-crafted. We did not want to establish a big factory where quality control and accidents happen with your food!! We did not want “recalls” to happen and risk the health of anyone…Sometimes smaller IS better.

About the Master Chocolatier; Barrita Durward, owns and operates her own Chocolate Shop in a small town in British Columbia and has put her creativity, heart and love in each hand-crafted truffle. She is well known for all her creative hand-crafted chocolates both regular as well as chocolates for Diabetics. 

From this great collaboration of businesses Trophy Truffles were created with the highest quality ingrediency cross pollinating the best chocolate truffles with other businesses unique products then adding the highest quality 24k Gold and Silver leaf’s and flakes, so you can enjoy and indulge your every sense guilt free. You work hard, you are worth it and deserve it. They make GREAT gifts for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentines Day, Christmas, Weddings, Parties, any event you think of…enjoy!!! From our small shop with a BIG heart to yours😊

Orders for Diabetic Trophy Truffles are available, email me at; trophytruffles1@gmail.com. I will personally customize your order:) These are my preference as I'm always trying to cut back on my sugar intake. You will not notice ANY taste difference. 


Gold, especially 14k or higher, has its medical benefits such as wearing 14K Gold rings which are used to assist with arthritis in the joints. Fun Fact; Gold injections are still given today to relieve the symptoms of inflammation due to rheumatoid arthrits; https://www.verywellhealth.com/is-gold-still-used-to-treat-rheumatoid-arthritis-189899,  

So, what is Edible Gold Leaf? Gold is considered "biologically inert," meaning it passes through the digestive tract without being absorbed but only when its as pure as possible. It should be 22-24 carats to be considered “Edible” and non-harmful to the body. Anything less will have other alloys mixed in it and are not meant for human consumption. Therefore, Gold leaf or flakes with a smaller carat value has more impurities and is less safe to eat. I have secured a credible and reputable, FDA approved source /manufacture located in the USA who manufactures 100% pure 24K gold/silver to ensure quality control is followed and tested. 

You can also consume edible silver leaf, and it behaves just like edible gold leaf does which I source from the same supplier I purchase the Gold Leaf products from.