NEW Trophy Truffles -  Made with Gray Monks Odyssey 3 (Port) Wine Truffle (without Gold)

NEW Trophy Truffles - Made with Gray Monks Odyssey 3 (Port) Wine Truffle (without Gold)

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Extra Large Trophy Truffles made with Gray Monk Odyssey 3 Port Wine and paired with our Chocolate Truffles. Individually handrafted, Decadent, Belgian Chocolate TrufflesA Canadian Product 

If you love the taste of an amazing sweet Port Wine AND dark Chocolate to balance the sweetness for a perfect harmony of incredible flavours, then this is the truffle for you!! The perfect combination of Gray Monks' Odyssey Port Wine married into our secret recipe of creamy Gnash surrounded by a shell of luxurious dark Belgian Chocolate.

Each Truffle is individually, hand made, custom, made to order, fresh, mouth watering, Ice Wine Chardonnay AND Belgian Chocolate truffle and will keep you wanting more...visually stunning and mouth watering! Live in the moment, live in the life of luxury, you deserve it!!

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