24K Edible Gold Leaf

The History of edible Gold, some fun facts!!

The History of eating Gold Leaf dates back centuries to ancient times as many cultures used it in various ways. Some as decoration, some for medicinal properties and some to portray a life of Luxury, high status such as Royalty, Emperors and the very rich.

It dates back in Europe to middle ages where they used it to decorate dishes or whole tables of fruit sprinkled with gold dust. Elizabethan English decorated whole meals with Gold Leaf. While Japan used gold dust in their traditional tea.

Dukes and Earls in Italy used gold leaf in their risotto in the 16th Century.

Another “fun fact”, Cleopatra wore a gold face mask every night to assist with anti-aging.

Egyptian Pharaohs believed Gold was the only way to win favor with gods and used it to decorate Pharaohs Tombs, on statues and buildings.  It dates back as far as 5,000. years ago, to Alexandria.

It was discovered that Gold, as a mineral, has anti-inflammatory properties and in the 1900s was used by surgeons to assist with inflammation in the body. Surgeon’s would insert a small piece of gold near the inflamed site such as the knee or elbow, within a small amount of time the pain would cease completely. Medicine with Gold used in it is called “Chrysotheraphy”. Since then, Gold has been used in other medicine compounds to aid in recovery from illness such as cancer and HIV.

Health Benefits of Gold;

Gold has been scientifically studied and used for the following recently; as a supplement to threat, arthritis, cervical cancer, prostrate cancer, Alzheimer’s, nerve sensitivity restoration and anti-aging. The Gold has absolutely no side effects and has been proven to relieve symptoms and in some cases eradicate the disease.

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