24K Edible Gold fun facts

Did you know Gold is found on every continent?

Did you know Gold is a mineral with anti-inflammatory properties!

Pure Edible Gold Leaf is completely tasteless and unharmful to the body and has been used for centuries to elevate food dishes and for its medicinal properties. Royalty used pure edible gold leaf on food to elevate their dishes making the meal a luxurious experience.  Chinese and Japanese used it for its medicinal properties (such as benefits to the brain, digestive system, hardening of bone marrow, and aids the spirit.)

Gold has been used in more modern times as an anti-inflammatory for rheumatoid arthritis and some cancer treatments. Also used as fillings in the mouth instead of mercury.

Gold is a mineral which can only be safety digested when 22k or higher. Anything less will have alloys and are harmful for you.

You have the confidence knowing our Edible Gold is of the highest quality, 100% PURE 24K Gold guaranteed!

Our edible Gold and Silver is FDA, CFIA and UK approved and sourced from a manufacture in the USA.